What is the Difference between a Housekeeper and a Cleaner? Published on May 25, 2020 by Marcela Vilas.


Are you ready to hire someone to help you clean your home but not sure what the difference is between House Cleaners, Housekeepers, and Maids? We from Ville Clean would like to share our perspective just in case if you already decided that you need a bit of extra help with the upkeep of your home!

So, what is the difference between a Housekeeper and a Housecleaner ?

Do you need some help around the house but are confused when it comes to which type of service to hire? You are not alone! Many people do not fully understand the difference between a Housecleaner and a Housekeeper. Although the term "housecleaner" and "housekeeper" are often used as synonyms, they are not the same. Today, we are going to break down the differences between these services to help everyone understand the differences and help decide which one you need! One key to remember: they are both professional cleaning services. 

One of the biggest differences between a Housecleaner, and a Housekeeper is how long they are going to work for you. Are they going to work on a regular schedule or are they going to come over only as needed to do some deep cleaning and heavy work? In other words, are you looking for a top-to-bottom cleaning of your home on a weekly or monthly basis? If so, a Housecleaner is someone who you will call when you have a big task on hand and you want to get it done in a hurry or by professionals. 

A House Cleaner may be an individual person or a team of cleaners. They may be independently employed or employed by a House Cleaning Company to arrive on a scheduled day/time with all the proper cleaning supplies, products, and equipment. 

Jobs for a cleaner would be:

•Deep cleaning most surfaces (counter tops, sinks, tubs, toilets, floors, appliances;

•Dusting baseboards, doors, picture frames, light fixtures, cabinet and furniture tops;

•Scrubbing and sanitizing bathrooms from top to bottom (including toilets, tubs, showers, sinks, and drain openings and polishing chrome);

•Vacuuming and mopping hard floors and interior window cleaning.

What does a Housekeeping do?

When you hire a Housekeeper chances are you are looking for someone to work full time in your home because they often become part of the family and may even live on site. The definition of "Housekeeper" is the person who does or directs domestic work and planning necessary for a home, like cleaning or buying food. They may come to your home 4-6 days a week, and work for 35-40 hours keeping things that get dirty quickly clean and in-order all the time. They often focus on daily cleaning tasks, such as dusting the furniture, making the beds and doing laundry. 

Typical duties of a Housekeeper may include: 

  • Dusting, sweeping, and mopping;
  • Washing, folding and ironing clothes;
  • Washing, drying and putting away dishes;
  • Making beds and changing the linens;
  • Restocking personal care products, toilet paper, etc.
  • Picking up toys and clutter;
  • General organizing;
  • Running errands;
  • Grocery shopping;
  • Preparing healthy meals;
  • Walking and taking care of pets;
  • Rubbish and recycling.

Now that we've outline the differences; do you need a cleaner or a housekeeper? 

Either one you are in need Ville Clean is the best choice for you! Thinking in cleaning? - Call VILLE CLEAN! Your satisfaction is our number-one priority.