Learning  More About                     Ville Clean


How are we different from other cleaners?

Simply put - we care more and try harder because the quality is our focus. We are also a Local & Family Owned | Professionally Managed. Our simple, flat-rate pricing is based on the size of the home and the number of bedrooms, there are no hidden surprises. It means that we have a prompt, careful, and friendly staff. 

Our staff consist of 1-2 teammates; we also provide all supplies. Our customer service set up to you unlimited access by phone, email or chat. 🤩

Some of the other PRO may be cheaper, but having you fully satisfied with us is our number one priority! Text me if you need daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning either Commercial or Residential Cleaning. 🤳

✅ We offer Carpet Cleaning | Office Cleaning| Move In - Move Out & Home Organizing Services. We're a business that is insured for your peace of mind and we are excited to help you keep your place in top shape.   ‍ 

  • *Every home we clean is different and that every client has different expectations. If you are not 100% satisfied with the services we provided you, call us and we'll re-clean whatever area is in question at no addition charge to you. 

  • **We are diligently monitoring the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Newsroom for updates and any changes that might affect the way we serve our clients. So, we are following all CDC guidelines!Our goal is to give you back your most valuable asset - your time. Spend more time doing what you love while we keep your home clean and tidy.

Try our CLEANING SERVICES and surprise yourself!! 🤝

Ville Clean Team